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Marieke Luthart

Marieke Luthart (1996, Haarlem) is an illustrator and painter from Amsterdam. Her work is very diverse and includes linocuts, pen drawings and acrylic paintings. She works for various clients and is always looking for a genuine connection. Through her work, she aims to provide insight into the worlds of others in order to develop greater understanding of each other. As an illustrator, she’s eager to contribute to a more inclusive society.

At the table 

Marieke Luthart, Installation with ceramics, acrylic paintings, tablecloth, 2024

“At the table! That’s what my mother used to call out punctually at six-thirty in the evening. Stamppot: That’s my first memory of our dinner table. Simple, but tasty. We always ate together as a family. Mum was good at making meatballs. So we often ate that, with boiled potatoes and beans. Mum would peel the potatoes on the sofa in front of the TV. Sometimes she asked us to help her peel. Later when we got a cat, it licked the potatoes that were already in the pan of water.”

The work “At the table” is a depiction of various stories of people from the queer community. For this work, Marieke Luthart went in search of people from her community to ask them about their sense of home, how they grew up and what memories of it remain. She painted these stories on tableware, printed on napkins and other tableware.  

During this exhibition, Marieke Luthart invites you to take a seat at the table and share a moment with other visitors. To listen to the stories of others. To engage in conversation with others. And to read and experience the stories of others in her work.

What’s your sense of home?.

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