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Jahi Quasim Reeberg

jahi quasim reeberg (1998, Rotterdam) is an Afropean visual storyteller, researcher, writer, Afro-futurist, day dreamer and painter. Their practice publishes like a visual diary, combining color, words, reflection and dialogue. Inspired by their cultural and Spiritual identity, decolonial theory, Afro-futurism and the practice of Imagining Otherwise, their art proposes an alternative from individualism and has evolved towards holding space for Liberatory praxis by developing Our collective consciousness. They invite the observer to explore and learn from notions of Black Trans and Queer Spirituality by going back to their lineage and cultural heritage. They transcend various geographies and historic constellations to bring these stories together in immersive, urgent and often colorful canvas paintings that will keep living on within and outside of the archives.

Their aim is to contribute to the ongoing processes of structural change, doing so by allowing themselves to be vulnerable with their audience, thus creating space for them to share their embodied knowledge. Asking ourselves the necessary questions to tackle Our collective traumas at its core.

Every ***** is a Star

jahi quasim, oil paint and wood on canvas, 2024

Every ***** is a Star is a project that highlights Black people in Europe, bodies that have been erased and othered for centuries. It counteracts the idea that Europeanness is synonymous with whiteness. The artwork aims to work as an antidote to this systemic disregard by reclaiming the narrative and shifting the focus of current discourse away from identity politics into a conversation about liberatory movements by creating a world that transcends the borders of Blackness.

The Project highlights the resilience of Black individuals, the project strives to create a world where Black bodies are acknowledged, valued, and celebrated. The artwork serves as a portal into this world, a space where the search for self goes beyond the in between of being African and/or european. a space that defies geographic boundaries and enables Afropean beings to find the sense of home and belonging that has eluded us for generations.

jay reeberg


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