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Fotografie Chantal van lobbrecht

Khaddouj Barghout

Khaddouj Barghout (1999, Rotterdam) lives and works in Rotterdam. She currently focuses on painting, drawing and tattoo art. She draws inspiration from the lessons of old masters and incorporates traditional techniques into her enchanting contemporary artworks.

Her work depicts themes of oppression, liberation and loss of innocence. Fascinated by strong contradictions related to these subjects, she portrays conflicts between purity and vulgarity, between grace and depravity. Khaddouj fuses horror and lust into detailed and provocative works of art. With her unique and sharp wit, she plays with the viewer, who becomes increasingly entangled in contradiction. The intimacy in her work finds an extension in the tattoos she creates; her stories continue to reverberate on people’s skin.

In the Shapes of Her

Khaddouj Barghout, graphite drawings and light boxes with hardened textile, 2024

In this new series, Khaddouj Barghout invites you to explore a world of animal and organic forms, in which the human body becomes a surreal landscape. Barghout’s artworks embody the dualities of our society. They capture the transition from human to object in the process of transformation, which can be both visually appealing and disturbing. In doing so, the works question the boundaries between human and animal, human and object. For example, how are women judged when their bodies are still purely used as decorative objects or for commercial purposes today? This is a critical reflection on the way we treat our fellow human beings and the role the body plays in our society.



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