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Oudail el Omari

Oudail el Omari (1996, Willemstad, Curaçao) grew up in Lebanon and was 13 years old when he came to the Netherlands. He is a multidisciplinary artist working in the fields of architecture, theater art and film. Although he completed a master’s degree in Building Science and Architecture at TU Delft, he has appropriated the medium of photography. His love for symmetry and architecture can be seen in his work.

As a spatial designer, he tries to create a public space that is comfortable for everyone, regardless of the diverse needs of people in our society. A space that brings people together. As a playwright and actor, he discusses topics and stories that are recognizable and current in our society, often relating to social and cultural issues. ‘Sometimes words are not enough and I translate my expression into visual art and photography. In both architecture, theater and film, I strive to illuminate and solve social problems from my Arabic perspective.’

Telling a story through frames

Oudail el Omari, Installation with C-prints, 2024

Stories lurk behind facades. Inspired by Marwan Bassiouni’s Dutch Views, Oudail el Omari offers a window into curiosity and the feeling of home. Both in Lebanon and in various villages in the Netherlands, he captured doors and frames that fascinate him. What stories lie hidden in houses? Every house has a character and reflects the character of its occupant. The frames are not simply photographs; they are architectural compositions, each telling its own story.

The focus on windows and doors becomes symbolic, representing not only physical passageways but also metaphorical thresholds. These portals are gateways to the photographer’s inner dialogue about identity, cultural hybridity and the pursuit of a place to call home. Each photograph becomes a chapter in a story that navigates the complexities of dual identity, searching for common ground between two worlds.

In this series, Oudail opens a dialogue about the universal human experience of seeking connection and understanding. The series transcends the specificity of the artist’s dual background and resonates with anyone who occasionally struggles with the question of where they truly belong. The series becomes a testament to the idea that sometimes the search for home is not about finding a specific place, but about discovering a state of being – one that reflects the beauty.



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