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Michelle Amo-adjei

Michelle Amo-adjei (1991, Amsterdam) is an artist, model and fashion influencer with a passion for storytelling. She recently had exhibitions in Concertgebouw Amsterdam and Dutch Design Week. In the explosion of colorful paint strokes, she draws you into her childlike and cheerful alternative world. There’s a good reason why she has almost 10,000 followers on Instagram. Her unique fashion sense and bold color combinations are an inspiration to many.

Michelle is always looking for new ways to express herself. From painting and modeling to writing and illustrating children’s books, she always manages to uplift black individuals and spread love, joy and positivity.

Black Joy

Michelle Amo-adjei, Acrylic Paintings, 2024

Growing up Michelle Amo-adjei saw imagery in the mainstream media with a lot of black sadness and violence. Being an artist made her realize she can put more joy in the world with her creations. Her fleeting and colorful paint strokes transport you to another alternative world. She has a background in fashion illustration, and art, so Michelle always incorporates aesthetically pleasing looks into her art. Her artworks are mirrors of her ever shaping identity. 

Black Joy stands for resistance, resilience, and reclamation of Black Humanity. Life brings everyone challenges, disappointments, losses, and unexpected difficulties, regardless of race. But when race is added to the mix, the situation is compounded exponentially. When people live in a world that devalues them because they are black or brown as well as dismisses their contributions to the larger society, Black Joy is and has been an effective tool that has allowed individuals and groups to shift the impact of negative narratives and events in their favor.

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