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Samira El-Kaddouri

Samira El-Kaddouri (Samyra Kahina), born in Belgium with Moroccan Amazigh roots, is a graphic designer who passionately merges typography and shapes in her art. Her work is inspired by the Amazigh culture. Central to her work is the Tifinagh alphabet’s “Z” – a symbol resembling a human figure, representing the Amazigh word, which means “free human.” Samira’s collection showcases diverse artworks, each centering on this emblematic letter, offering a captivating tribute to her cultural heritage.

What was it like participating in Visual storytellers?

It was a great experience where I learned a lot about how to translate your story into something visual. Additionally, you get to meet new people, which allows you to see different creative processes and learn from or be inspired by them. It was also nice not to do this alone because I had a very good coach who supported me.

What did it mean to you participating in VS?
For me, it was a great opportunity to learn from fellow creatives like myself. It was a motivating moment to unleash my artistic talents and prove to myself that it’s possible.

How are things going now with assignments within your discipline?
This has certainly contributed to exposure in Dutch art and culture. I come from Belgium and recently moved to the Netherlands. Furthermore, I have started taking myself more seriously as an artist.

How do you look at your participation during the Dutch Design Week?
As a designer, I’ve attended Dutch Design Week (DDW) several times to gain inspiration and stay up to date with what’s happening in the design world. Being a part of it now is a reward for hard work and continuing to believe in my authentic self. Rose stories has also contributed to this, so I’m grateful for that.

* This time, Samira was selected to create the postcard for ROSE  academy and with it we represent her with her work as an artist/creator.

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Postcard ROSE academy. Samira El-Kaddouri
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