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From now on, ROSE academy will be called ‘QISSA’. QISSA is an agency, community and house for talents. We are committed to the new generation of makers and their stories.


The QISSA website will be launched next autumn.


Get to know us

ROSE stories is a collective of storytellers, producers, and talent developers. With a soft spot for innovative stories that are often left untold. We are a creative community that scouts, guides, co-creates, and produces. From seasoned veterans to fresh talents: at ROSE stories, we all collaborate to shine a spotlight on new stories that deserve it. 


ROSE stories contributes to a world in which the richness of culture and all unique perspectives are fully represented in stories told – through film, literature and on stage, positively impacting racial and social justice throughout the Netherlands. By providing resources and networks needed, ROSE stories aims to create a level playing field by giving underrepresented talents a seat at the table and creating equal opportunities for all.

To discover and nurture talent, ROSE stories has bundled different talent programs in QISSA. QISSA has talent trajectories for talented creators in a range of industries: writing, film making (including Film School aimed at young talents between the ages of 16 and 27), theatre and other forms of (visual) story telling.

We strive to broaden the storytelling community with new talents. We do not only provide new talents a kick start in cultivating their unique sound/voice, we also offer talents an artistic community, a safe space and guidance and coaching to further experiment and develop their stories. We support talents in their creation process from concept to film script, web series, theater play, book or art exhibition. And most importantly, we don’t let go of them until they can fly on their own.

Our mission is to make the voices and faces we reflect on in our daily lives even more diverse. And to make the collection of stories we tell each other even more distinctive, exciting, and characterful. In doing so, we aim to collectively redefine the extraordinary as ordinary and make the ordinary extraordinary. One story at a time.

Our current programs

Generation Inclusion – Film School – Children’s stories – Visual Storytellers – Story House

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