About ROSE stories

Founded in 2014 by Chafina Bendahman, Rachida El Moussaoui and Nasim Miradi, ROSE stories is a young creators collective dedicated to discovering, nurturing, amplifying and showcasing stories by women and people of color.

ROSE stories contributes to a world in which the richness of culture and all unique perspectives are fully represented in stories told – through film, literature and on stage, positively impacting racial and social justice throughout the Netherlands. By providing resources and networks needed, ROSE stories aims to create a level playing field by giving underrepresented talents a seat at the table and creating equal opportunities for all.

Over the years, ROSE stories has grown into a creative hub, a home for a new generation of creators – whether emerging or established – enabling them to shape the most powerful stories to move, connect and inspire people across the Netherlands and ultimately worldwide.

ROSE stories creates space and opportunities for authentic stories to be told by a new generation of women and people of colour, to move, connect and inspire.

ROSE stories consists of three divisions

ROSE academy, ROSE theatre and ROSE publishing.

Through ROSE theatre and ROSE publishing, ROSE stories creates opportunities for creative talent to tell their story and be heard. Examples of our work are the award-winning Melk & Dadels (storytelling cookbook, theatre play, TV-show), Bedtijdverhalen voor rebelse meisjes (bestselling children’s book), Idje wil niet naar de kapper (children’s book, film) and the Dutch box-office hit Meskina (film).

To discover and nurture talent, ROSE stories has bundled different talent programs in ROSE academy. ROSE academy has talent trajectories for talented creators in a range of industries: writing (such as Kinderverhalen and Every Story Matters), film making (Generation Inclusion and Film School), theatre and other forms of (visual) story telling. ROSE stories is continuously scouting for new talent and stories with the potential to reach a broad and diverse audience.

To learn more about ROSE stories, please e-mail: info@rosestories.nl

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